The Value Of The Motion

The Value of the Motion, first let me explain the motion as it regards plays. The motion is design to throw a defense off, by staying focus on the motion man the defense is not paying attention to what is going on in the backfield. In this article, I will talk bout Who, What and How the Motion is used in some formations and plays as taught to myself by others. Who you ask, I like to call this guy the Wing Back. This guy is usually the fastest guy on the field. His job is to sell the fake when the Quarterback is handing the ball to the other back or backs depending on what formation you are running ( myself we run he Wing T but a hybrid form.) He is expected to also be able to change direction on a dime, and have stop and go agility. Along with excellent vision up the field. What, as I mentioned before we run a Wing T hybrid. There are many formations where you can use this Motion Guy. In our Wing T Hybrid, we motion this guy (Wing Back) on set. As he comes in motion depending on our play he will take the ball and run up the field or sell the fake handoff and finish his route. This is best known as Buck Sweep we just modified it to our likings as a hybrid Wing T. Last How, how do we get ready, how do we get our players ready? First off we have our condiction weeks. Where here we pay attention to each individual as an athlete as a team player, because we want to put them in the best spot for them to grow as an athlete and a team player. We run some drills like Ladders and cones. All based on Speed and Agility to find this one so-called Wingback. More will come later, on this subject and much more.

BY Daniel Phillips

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