The Impact of Hudl

The way that Hudl, as impacted the game of football over history is amazing, back in the year 2000 there wasn't Hudl. So, it was a time where coaches had to use VHS to watch game film. Then it went to DVD& and now you have websites like Hudl. So, when the game is going on the coaches are responsible for making the correct changes to win the game. With Hudl assist, this gives coaches the ability to have live game film right on the sideline. With this, you can show a player exactly what happens that previous play to put your team in the best position to win the game. In today's time, everyone uses Hudl or something similar to watch the film and correct players during the game. This impacted modern society to those who play, coach, and watch football. The way Hudl has influenced people is by giving them access to do things such as make playbooks, watch the game film anywhere you go, community with your players, and last allow college coaches to scout players. So, the history of technology for football coaches was influenced by developing players and coaches to the best they can become. For the humanities of Hudl been created gave the coaches and players the ability to explore more options. For example, before Hudl coaches had to drive anywhere from 30min to 2 hours after a game to exchange film. While Hudl gives them the ability to share film within 2min. The biggest impact in my eyes is that Hudl gives kids in small towns the opportunity to get recruited. Thanks for reading let me know how Hudl or something similar has impacted you and the way you coach.


Steven Degraffenreid

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