Takeaway #30 – No Excuses

Guess what is the easiest thing in the world to make? Well, it’s an excuse.

Anybody can make one, and most people do. It’s easy to come up with a reason why you didn’t do something or to blame someone else for something you did or didn’t do. Yes, the world is full of ‘excuse makers!’ Now, you may be thinking that everything that has been said so far seems pretty harsh. All I can say is, ‘If you are an excuse maker, then I guess it is.’

You see, truth be told, nobody wants to hear about how you couldn’t do something or why someone or something stopped you from doing whatever it is you were supposed to do. Here’s a reality check. ‘Nobody wants to hear excuses except other excuse makers.’ You may have noticed that at no time have I mentioned the fact that cannot be debated. You will run into obstacles doing whatever it is that you do. Trust me on this one. Things are going to happen, good and bad. You just should deal with it. It goes back to a phrase I emphasized in an earlier takeaway: ‘Do your job.’

I guarantee you nobody will want to hear you complain, gripe, or make excuses. Like it or not, all of us are being evaluated by something or someone. Whether we are at home, at work, or out in the community, we are being evaluated. So, what does that mean? Well, as a football coach you are evaluated by wins and losses. Like it or not, that’s the way it is.

Believe me, nobody wants to hear any excuses why the team lost the game. They just don’t. As a business person, nobody wants to hear any excuses why you lost an account. They just don’t. A school teacher doesn’t want to hear any excuses why a student didn’t do the homework assignment. They just don’t. We can go on and on, but I think you get the point.

Now, at no time did I say mistakes would not be made, because we are all human. Believe it or not, mistakes happen. The thing is nobody wants to hear any excuses about the mistakes. Own the mistakes and don’t make excuses.

Again, you may think that’s a little harsh, but let me ask you a question. Is it harsher than hearing the words ‘your services are no longer required with our company?’ You decide what you think is the best option – excuses or no excuses.

It’s really pretty simple. Nobody wants to hear excuses. If you are an excuse maker, stop.

By Mickey Marley

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