RB'S Blocking Drills

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Blocking is the most important part of football--especially for running backs whose ability to block can lead to big plays and protecting the quarterback. Here are a few blocking drills to help running backs develop the skills in blocking.

Progression block drill with bag

Surface: Fit into bag with shoulder of block forearm. The blocking surface is the shoulder, chest plate and forearm. Be sure to keep the posterior down with the back straight and eyes focused upward.

Strike a blow: Start with a six- point stance in front of bag with helmet six inches away from bag. Push off with legs delivering blow with forearm and shoulder sliding head to side of bag. Roll hips so belt buckle hits ground with eyes up.

Step and Hit: Start with two- point stance one step from bag. Step with opposite foot of shoulder block, deliver blow and hold. Player should check with coach for correct position. Butt down, back straight, eyes up.

Run and Hit: Two- point stance five yards from bag. Run to bag, deliver blow and drive through bag. Stay low.

Frequency: You want to do three reps on each shoulder for this drill.

Though we can't guarantee doing the above drill will lead to a multi-million dollar NFL contract, it will make you a very valuable asset to your team and a player that any coach would be proud to have on his team.

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