Fundamentals of the Drive Block Part II:

In my first article, part one, I mentioned winning the stalemate. This is a huge part of the drive block. In order to win the stalemate, you have to be able to put force in the ground correctly which is why this is the next step or part two. In every base block there becomes a point when there is stalemate, unless one person is far superior and stronger than the other, between the offensive lineman and defensive lineman.

How do you win the stalemate? You have to have the two types of leverage, hand leverage and pad level. Then, you have to be able to apply force correctly into ground, while torqueing the elbows (hand Leverage) and being in a powerful position (law of 45, pad level). Notice this is very similar coaching points to the first article. My goal is to show a couple more off season drills that help create this stalemate feeling to the offensive lineman athletes. We have to put our kids in this position for them to feel the strain of this so they can overcome it.

In both these drills I use Prowler type sleds. The first one is called “Sled Hops.” In this drill we get the OL athlete to be a powerful position on the sled; toes out, knees slightly pulled in, and applying force through his inseams. We want to get the elbows torqued in like they are in a fit position with a defender to continue to build strength and muscle memory in that position. The OL athlete pushes through there inseams, squeezes there glutes, and literally hops with the sled. The repetition of this is continuing to teach them to put force through ground and initialize the force it takes to win the stalemate over and over. See video below:

The second drill I use in the off season to help with this feeling and build strength in this position is called “Prowler Drive with Stalemate.” We are trying to give them as realistic feel and look as possible without having to bang on each other in the off season. Utilizing a sled in the off season is a great tool for OL athletes to build strength in the right positions. It sets up the same for the OL athlete as the Sled Hops. Now we attach a strap or anything you can find to hold back the sled from behind. In the video I used TRX straps that we had, just be creative. On your command the OL will fire everything, pushing through the inseams correctly, and torqueing the elbows in just like he was trying to drive block. The strap creates the stalemate effect. As they release it and the offensive lineman starts to create movement, it simulates the winning of the stalemate. After, look for them to finish driving the sled through and accelerating to finish. Again please leave comments or questions. Reach out to me. I would love to have some feedback. See Video Below for second drill:


Aaron Danenhauer

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