Coaches teach their running back stances so the shoulders are even with the knees. This keeps them from leaning forward and giving the defense a indications of a run play. Running Backs are dynamics players who always look for holes in the defense, create a pocket for the hand off, know how to avoid tacklers, blocks well on passing plays, and catch all passes thrown in their direction with their hands.

In order to be dangerous with the ball, you have to make sure you receive the ball safely, which sounds easy but often isn't. Here are some tips for a flawless exchange between the quarterback and the running back, so you can eliminate unforced errors and momentum-killing fumbles.


The player makes a "pocket" with the arms to receive the ball:

Top Half of the "Pocket"

  • Inside Elbow - even with the shoulders.

  • Forearm - horizontal with the ground.

  • Inside Hand - palm down, ready to accept the point of the ball.

Bottom Half of the "Pocket"

  • Outside Elbow - straight down from the shoulder.

  • Forearm - horizontal across the midsection.

  • Outside Hand - slightly bent with the palm up, ready to accept the other end of the ball.

  • Fingers - pointing toward the quarterback.


  • Hands - both hands instantly secure the ball upon contact.

  • Eyes - focused on the hole where the play goes and the defensive reactions to the play.

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